terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011

The Incredible Power of Motivation

Who hasn’t realized how desperate is the search for business professionals that know as to motivate people! Currently has been a big challenge but first companies must learn to ask: “What people want from their jobs?”
This question isn’t so easy to answer because some companies still fear to hear that the workers want salary increase and it’s already more than proved that salary isn’t at the top of the needs of workers.
- People work to accomplish goal;
- People love what they do and or just the fact to serve the customer;
- Some people like change, challenge and solve problems; but the more important,
- Employees want to be valued at a job well done, because this increases their self esteem.

This is important, but work like an interconnected chain where all levels go through this need.
Companies seek to hire managers who can motivate, but the top management company doesn’t know the power of this tool, then it’s useless to hire a director who know how to motivate, because as a human being, he also needs to be motivated, valued, so he can continue motivating.
Giving attention to the personal needs of employees, then pay an average wage of the market, they can use as an attractive tool and retaining talent.
Without attention to wages and benefits, companies lose their best talent to competitors and then go looking for responsible when in fact they are all responsible for each internal loss, because as mentioned above, is a current interconnected system.

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